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Amber 22-May-2013 : I have dark brown hair and I’m curious if red or strawberry pink highlights would look nice

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What is Brown Skin? is an educational site for individuals with skin of color. Whether your ethnicity and skin care needs are related to your Asian skin

Mar 09, 2012 · While doing research on Asians and body hair (Click here to read that article) I was fascinated to find that people on the Internet had a lot of

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Brown hair with highlights makes for a stylish and gorgeous look that is striking and top-notch. All colors do not suit all kinds of hair.

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Have you gone black and want to go back? Find out how to dye black hair brown and return to a lighter shade

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Lee Jun Ki shoulder length hairstyle. Straight: Asian hair consists of round fibers, as a result, they have very straight hair. With straight hair, they can spike

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Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin. Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. The human body, apart from

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Welcome to Brown Sugar Dublin’s finest Hair Salon.

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Oct 14, 2012 · Hi Guys, This was a requested video on how I dye my hair so I thought I would show you my technique and what dye I use etc. If you have any questions

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