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Fitness Test for Grade 6 & 7 Referees. Fitness Test sessions for Grade 6 and 7 Referees and Grade 8 Referees seeking to upgrade will be posted on the “Event Calendar

The official website of United States Soccer Federation in Kansas

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Providing referee and umpire clothing, equipment, supplies and accessories for baseball, basketball and American football officials.

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Modern day referees and their assistants wear a uniform consisting of a jersey, badge, shorts and socks: until the 1950s it was more common for a referee to wear a

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Official USSF State Association for referees in Florida.

*****July 22 2017 – GILLETTE STADIUM 2018 RECERTIFICATION EVENT***** The cut-off date to purchase additional discounted tickets is: *****MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY JULY 19

Region Toolkit. Find all the tools for your Region here. Coach. You’re signed up to be an AYSO coach. What’s next? Referee. Everything you need to know about becoming

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The official web site for the Wisconsin Program for Referee Development. This site is operated by the Wisconsin Soccer Association State Referee Committee.

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The Cal South Referee Program’s goal is to create and grow a qualified and well-trained group of referees. These referees will be instructed at and held to the

A referee or simply ref is the person of authority in a variety of sports who is responsible for presiding over the game from a neutral point of view and making on

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